I love HydroPeptide

I have a problematic skin that suffers from rosacea acne, so I find it very important to use products that are from great quality. It may be a little more expensive, but you are sure that they will be effective. A year ago I got to know HydroPeptide through one of my best friends who has a beauty institute. HydroPeptide has different collections that always focus on 1 main goal, for example detox, clarify, anti-wrinkle, restore,… In the past I already used their “Clarify” collection. That’s a collection that addresses the multiple triggers of acne while visibly minimizing the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. I must say I was very satisfied of the products. Only inconvience was that my skin felt dry from time to time. A few days ago I’ve bought one of their new collections: the “Restore” collection.

First of all I was very attracted by the beautiful packaging of the products, it’s pink! Second, everybody knows that a good night rest is important for our skin to restore. As described on their website: “when the skin is stressed, it needs a hydrating miracle to recover. The restore micro-collection is formulated with an ultra-rich combination of plant-based, nourishing antioxidants and healing peptides”. Sounds like music to my ears. The collection is designed to give you softer, more luminous skin overnight. On top of that these products also works anti-wrinkle. Isn’t that a dream of every woman? The collection consists of 6 products. I didn’t bought the whole collection but i’ve kept it at 3: the cashmere cleanse, moisture reset and hydro-lock sleep mask.

The first product is the cashmere cleanse facial rose milk. As the word “cleanse” suggests it sweeps away impurities without drying the skin. It has a soft milky texture. The packaging is very user-friendly as it comes with a pump. You need to apply a small amount to dry or damp skin, gently massage and rinse. Perfect to remove your daily make-up or just to clean your face. You can use this product in the morning as well as the evening.

Second product is the moisture reset Phytonutrient facial oil. As the name already says it, this product has an oily texture. I use it every evening after I removed my make-up, before I go to sleep. My skin feels super hydrated. Love that feeling. The product is relatively quickly absorbed by the skin, so it doens’t feel sticky or oily. The packaging is also very fancy with it’s (…. pipet?).

Last but not least, I have the hydro-lock sleep mask royal peptide treatment. This product may be used 1 or 2 times a week on top of the moisture reset facial oil (product above) for an extra hydratation overnight! You need to bring on a thin layer of this sleeping mask. Leave it in for a whole night and rinse it off the next morning. Your skin will never have felt so hydrated and soft!

In short, I can say I’m really happy with my new products. The not only look good in my bathroom but they also make my skin feel so much better in this stressfull and polluted world!