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Girlstrip to Madrid

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a new blogpost. It has been very busy in recent months, but I’ve finally found the time to write. A few months ago I went to Madrid with three of my best friends: Hanna, Valerie and Mona. We already know eachother for years and years. I couldn’t imagine life without them to be honest. So I was very excited about this trip and that’s why I wanted to share this with you! We booked our flight tickets with Rynair. Of course we didn’t had seats next to eachother, typical Rynair but for a short flight I don’t mind. I had the chance that I sat on a three row seat with only two people, had a lot of leg space (felt almost like business class, hahaha!). Only inconvenience was that there were two super annoying kids behind me. They were making noise for the whole plane, UGH! That’s one of the reasons I don’t want to have kids. Anyway, we were glad that we arrived safely at Madrid, vacation could start! What better way to do that with a mojito?!

After the trip to Milan that I did with Kevve, I was a little bit “scared” to do a citytrip during summer vacation. I was afraid that we would have the same crowd and the same temperatures like in Milan, but actually it wasn’t! Madrid is a very fun city. It was hot, but luckily we had a rooftop pool at our hotel.

Our hotel had also the best location ever: right in the middle of the shopping street! Actually our vacation consisted of five important activities: visiting, shopping, food, rooftopbars and pooltime!

Thanks to Hanna and Mona we always found the best breakfast and lunch spots.

We always started our day right with an extensive breakfast: very important if you walk a lot! We chose not to take a hotel with breakfast included, that way we could visit some hip breakfast spots. Like this one for example (how cute is this place?!)

Another fuel stop, hahaha! Spring rolls and cheesy snacks, it was delicious.

Last two days we went to the same breakfast spot: “La Rollerie”. It was absolutely delicious and you get a lot of food for little money! I think we paid €12 for a coffee, orange juice, two pastries and bread… Crazy!

In Madrid you have a lot of “Mercado’s”, actually it’s a sort of shopping were you can buy food and drinks. The food looked absolutely amazing. If you are in Madrid you should certainly go visit one of the Mercado’s.

Another pitstop at this cute little place were you could find these colorful scarfs in the sky. 

For me it was the perfect vacation, I don’t need more (okey and I also missed my man… a lot) – but it was fun to have a trip with the girls. We don’t see eachother very often as we are all working very hard and have a house to run. So we had the chance to catch up a bit, I loved it!