Italy – Monaco Roadtrip

As Kevve and I are really active on Instagram, we follow some travel related pages that posts amazing pics from different destinations all over the world. We always bump in to those beautiful pictures from places in Italy. Every time we saw these pictures we said to each other “we need to go there”. So the idea of a roadtrip was born. Italy is big so we decided to select some places. Our first stop was Lake Como.

We stayed one night in a little town named Domaso. We found a very nice hotel with very friendly staff! The time we arrived it was time to eat so we decided to explore the little village in the search for a restaurant.

There were a lot of different little restaurants, especially pizzerias… Had a delicious (and strong) cocktail and when in Italy you must eat pizza of course! I went for a pizza parma and Kevve took his traditional four cheese pizza with some extra salami, Yum!!

As if we were pretty tired from the trip (and food coma), we took a final drink at the pool from our hotel and went to sleep.

The next morning we had breakfast at the pool with a view on Lake Como, very peaceful! After that we stayed a bit at the pool until we had to check out.

Because we liked the atmosphere at Domaso that much, we decided to first have (another) drink before we continued our journey.

Next stop was Milan! I already been here in the past with my parents when I was younger. I had some fun memories of it, unfortunately this time it was a bit disappointing: I was very excited to do some shopping, but that changed very quickly as I saw how crowded it was, just crazy.

It was also way to hot so Kevve and I fled to a rooftop bar to drink some cocktails (actually it was a cocktail vacation, haha!) and find some rest.

After that we went to the hotel to freshen up. Sadly the air conditioning was broken in our room, so we couldn’t immediately look for cooling. When the sun was gone we went to eat something. Next morning we decided to leave early, we went to look for peace at our next stop: Lake Garda.

We had this pretty hotel at the top of the mountain with an incredible view on Lake Garda. We stayed here for two nights. We discovered some beautiful places, ate some good food and drink some delicious cocktails (what else?!).

A vacation isn’t a vacation when you don’t chill at the pool… and you all know that I love my tan!

Ate a pizza on the shore of Lake Garda and discovered some more beautiful views, life can be good!

Ended our last night at Garda with a lovely cocktail.

Next stop was Monaco. On the way to there we made a little pit stop at Portofino. Actually we wanted to stay there, but we didn’t found a hotel (that wasn’t too expensive). We also passed trough some beautiful villages, like Rapallo, just wow! If we’re planning on going back, I would love to stay there.

We arrived at Monaco at 6 p.m., freshen up and went for a walk. As if it wasn’t the first time we went to Monaco, we already knew all the good places to go.

Decided to drink another cocktail at the side of all the big beautiful boats at port Hercule.

Ended our evening on the terrace of a restaurant were we had a view on all the supercars that passed by.

Next day we started the day just right at our little breakfast spot at café de Paris, next to the beautiful casino. I don’t need much to be happy: just some croissants and a café Latte!

Next thing to do: Pool time!

In the afternoon we went to “tête du chien”. We already been there the last time, but this time it was more cloudy as if you can see in the picture.

For our last evening we went for a diner at the beach! Next day it was time to go home. Had another lovely vacation with my man. Seen some beautiful places and made a lot of new memories!

Go check out the 2 vlogs Kevve made about our trip – you will see some breathtaking drone shots!