When in Dubai…

A few weeks ago, Kevve and I went to Dubai for a few days, in company of Elien and Kevin. Kevve already went to Dubai past year, but for us (me, Elien en Kevin) it was the first time. I had really no idea what to expect. We arrived Wednesday night at 11 pm, we rented this crazy apartment were we had everything we needed.

That same night we went on a food hunt, as if we were very hungry because airplane food sucks. We found a pizzeria that was still open (it was already 1 am in the morning) – but with the Ramadan everything is open until late, thank god for that. First day started just right with a lovely breakfast (thanks to Kevve en Kevin for doing the grocery shopping).

After that we decided to go to our pool, because it was really hot outside so we needed some refreshment.Later that day, we went visiting the Dubai Mall. It’s not at all comparable to a shopping centre here in Belgium. You have the “basic” stores like H&M and Zara, but the majority of the shops are designer shops like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and I can keep on going! Everything you can imagine you can find it there – even for your kids (omg).

The Dubai Mall is so big that they even have a taxi service to take you from store to store. We, sporty as we are, have obviously not made use of it and walked 16 km that day. No fitness needed in Dubai, haha! After that we went for a little stroll around Dubai centre. There are some very magical places to discover.

Next day started just perfect, because we rented a G-wagon AMG. At first Kevve and Kevin would make us believe that they gave us a poison green G-wagon, but luckily it was a black one. Just like I want it, the dream!

We first went to the Dubai Marina and after that we decided to take some cool pics in the desert. This was actually a crazy idea as if it was more than 40 degrees! It was like stepping into a big sauna, instant sweating, but we do everything for some cool shots.

It was also the perfect opportunity to make some awesome advertising shots for By Margaux!

Kevve also took some cool drone shots! It’s really a once in a lifetime experience.
(We’ll be back very soon haha!)

Aaaaand of course I had the chance to drive the G-wagon! With its V8 twin turbo engine, it goes amazingly fast, it has put an instant smile on my face! I really need one in my life.

As we were all cooked from walking in the desert, we were in desperate need to cool down a bit, so we went hanging at the pool. That same evening we planned to go at the top of the Burj Khalifa (actually it’s not really the top because you’re only at the 126th floor). Anyway, still pretty cool to have seen that view.

Last day we started our day at the pool (yes again, you will understand why if you go some day). In the Dubai mall there is a really big aquarium, so in the afternoon we went visiting it. Saw some funny creatures. Inclusive a huge crocodile and some penguins, only in Dubai…

We ended our short but awesome vacation with a nice dinner at the famous Nusr-Et restaurant, better know as saltbae.

It was the end of a really fun vacation – had the chance to relax, to ride my dream car, to eat some good food and to share these moments with the people that I love!