Fashionshow @ Bronx

As you all know “Bronx” in Ninove, Belgium, is my number one shop. I’ve been shopping there for years! In my previous blogpost you already seen that I’ve done some photoshoots for them. This time I had the honor to participate at their fashionshow! They organize a fashionshow twice a year (one for the spring/summer and one for the fall/winter collection). Sunday it was time for the summer collection 2019 (obviously). I’ve received ten outfits to show, in this blogpost I get to show you guys nine of them.

Ylva, the owner of the shop, did my hair before the show, my make-up I did myself. By the way, the khaki jacket that I’m wearing in the picture above, is also from her shop (bought it a year ago). My ten outfits were nicely arranged. A few days before, I already went to pre-fit the clothes for a perfect fit. The pink blouse that I wear in the picture below was my first outfit.

Second outfit was this cute dress. It’s not really my style but cute anyway. It had an open back – The white shoes are also not really my thing, but super comfy to wear! Perfect for a hot summer day.

Third one was this white short and blouse. After the show I’ve received this short from my mom (happy me!). It’s from Morgan De Toi and very comfortable. You can wear it with heels or just with cute sneakers. Already looking forward to wear it!

The next outfit was this khaki dress with black belt. The black shoes and accessories are also from the shop.

The fifth outfit was this romantic long dress, totally bohemian style!

Of course I wasn’t the only model who was participating. In total we were with seven women and two men. Loads of things happenings in front and in the back, hectic sometimes but that’s what a runway show is about, right?

Outfit number seven was this flashy yellow dress, very cute and fun for summer. It came with this cream colored belt and matching handbag. I already see myself wearing this outfit on vacantion while i’m going to a local little market (I’m just missing a big hat).

Number eight was this very special dress. Not really my thing, although I like the model, it’s just all those colors. The shoes, on the other hand, I liked a lot! That much that I’ve bought them at the end of the show. With the wide heel they’re super comfy to walk and with their cream color they match almost every outfit.

Last outfit was this flashy orange pants and blouse. It’s something that I wouldn’t choose myself, but I must say that I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it on me. Everybody said it looked good on me.

Anyway, had a really fun afternoon. I was very lucky that my boyfriend, my mom and sister in law were there to support me. Because I must say, I was a little bit nervous as there are over 100 people that are looking at you with every step. I was very happy when my boyfriend told me that he was very proud of me. He’s also the one who took the pictures by the way. I hope that I can participate next time, it would be a great honor.