An endless road and a sunset

While we were planning this years trip to Vegas it came to my mind I still had these photos from last year. I didn’t showed you guys these ones, right? Vegas was a real life experience and after Vegas a lot of things have changed… This trip opened my eyes and everything went uphill from that trip so I’m pretty happy about those people who decided to step out of my life from then on. But that’s not what this blogpost is about (as you could guess). Here are some shots from the evening we went to the desert (part 2, haha) . I really love these pictures, it was the perfect setting! We will go back this year for some new shots and get even more shots as we were short on time last year, looking so much forward to that!

By the way, Vegas isn’t the only trip we’re planning this year. There are some other trips that are coming too, so keep an eye on my blog. I’m very excited!!