Food & drinks

I love cocktails!

I can really appreciate a good cocktail. My all-time favorite is the cosmopolitan, but I also like other classics such as a mojito, strawberry daiquiri and margarita.

In the last few months there are two cocktail bars where I love to go: Café Theatre and Dogma. The first one is located in the center of Ghent. There is a underground car park within 5 minutes walking distance, so you can easily park your car. Perfect if you wear high heels that evening. The cocktail bar itself is very cozy, a little dark but that’s typical for a cocktail bar. There is a large bar with bar stools, but you also have little tables with comfortable seats, so cute! If it’s too crowded you can take a seat on the second floor and you have an overview of the lower level. The music isn’t too loud, so you can still have conversations, don’t you hate it when the music is too loud and can’t talk?

But then the most important thing… the cocktails! They have a lot of choice on their card, from the classics to more special cocktails. If you want something that’s not on their card, you can also ask the bartender to make you something (sweet, sour, fruity, fresh,…)(which we did) Depending on which flavor you choose, they make you a delicious personalized cocktail. Always fun to get to know new cocktails!

The second cocktail bar is in Antwerp. Just like Ghent, a beautiful and cozy city. You have to know where the cocktail bar is, because it’s hidden in a small street. The concept is a bit the same as in Ghent, but it’s bigger and can fit more people. The last time we went there was a lot of people, so we had to take place in the ‘basement’. Via a bookcase (which is actually a door) you can go to that part. It’s pretty cool.

The big difference is that in Antwerp, Dogma, they make more special cocktails and less the classics. The only drawback is that the acoustics are not that good there, so if there is a lot of people you can hardly understand each other.  But the cocktails make up for this, because they have some very nice ones! They even have very good mocktails if you have to drive.