Matching handbag

Through my previous blogpost you all know already that I’m head over heels in love with my Louboutins. It even gets better now, because I’ve got the matching handbag!

I was dreaming about this bag for a while, it’s so beautiful. I’ve bought this handbag in the Louboutin store in Paris. When you enter the store, you have to wait downstairs until they come to pick you up. You have your own personal shopper (how cool is that?!). You had the same bag in soft pink with golden spikes, but I liked the black on black more.

Even though the handbag is rather small, I use it quite often (more then my shoes). It’s just so handy as it fits everything I need. It has a lot of beautiful details, like the little red symbol/logo on the back, the red inside finish, the engraved louboutin sign and the chain which you can take off.

The handbag comes packed in the classic brown shoe box, in a bag to protect the leather and spikes.

Big thanks to Kevve for these awesome pictures… Picture perfect!