Officially graduated!

I’m officially graduated! Actually I already finished my studies a year ago, but my school’s ceremony was last Friday.

As you can see on the picture we were with a lot of students who were graduated, 150 happy people!

I’m now a proud owner of a master degree in Clinical Psychology. Even know my teachers in high school said that it would be to difficult for me, I showed them wrong and finished with great distinction. After the ceremony I’ve bought the academic cap as a souvenir.

To make the ceremony official, we all had to wear a “toga” with matching academic cap. In the beginning it felt and looked pretty weird but as we were all in the same outfit it was funny to see and looked good in the pictures.

As you have seen in many Hollywood movies… We had to do it to, great moment!

I think that I made two people proud, my parents of course. Always there to support me.

I’m now working at the departement selection of the federal police in Brussels. I’m screening and taking interviews from people who want to work for the Belgium police. Working at the federal police for two months now, before that I worked as administrator for an insurance company.