Fashion Life

Heaven is a place on earth

I’m a real fashion lover and I know some of you are going to think that I have way too much clothes. But hey, I just love to have a new outfit and try on different styles. This room was actually the room from my brother Nicolas. The day my grandmother moved out to an apartment, we re-arranged the rooms. Nicolas moved to the old room from my oldest brother, Alexandre. Alexandre moved to another room at the first floor and since I wanted a dressing for a long time, my dad decided to make one for me. I’m pretty happy with the result, definitely my favorite place in the house. Sometimes I just sit and stare at all my clothes and think to myself “I’m so lucky”. But my dressing hasn’t always looked like this. Here are some pictures of how it used to be (very messy).

Recently there have been some changes. As you can see in the pictures above there was a big old closet in the right corner, now there is a second shoe closet (very necessary). At the time, I shared my dressing with my ex-boyfriend (that explains all of the men shoes), as he left me, I could re-organize my closet. I try to get a “logical” order in my closet: all the coats together, then skirts, blouses, shirts, sweaters and dresses.

I wanted to spice up the room a bit, so I added some decoration. For example, I placed a large vase with corks in it (I was already saving those corks for a year). I bought roses to brighten up a bit. Last but not least: I also bought a mini G-wagon (as you know it’s my dream car and you got to start somewhere) – I think it looks nice in my dressing. A few weeks ago my dad installed some new lights, because therefor I only had one small lamp that gave almost no light. Big improvement!