My make-up essentials

I think it’s important not to spend too much time in the morning on my make-up (my sleep is still more important). But let’s be honest; everyone wants to look decent when they walk out their front door. I keep my make-up routine pretty simple. I use seven things: concealer, foundation, eyebrow pencil, eye pencil, mascara, contouring palette and lipstick. Before I apply my make-up, I make sure my face is well cleaned. It all starts with a good base: a serum and a day cream. I use the Hydropeptide products. I have a rather problematic skin (Acne Rosacea) and Hydropeptide are one of the few products that keep my skin in a good condition. And it also works anti-age, win-win situation!Step 2: I apply a bit of concealer under my eyes, between my eyebrows, on the tip of my nose and on my chin. These are my most ‘problematic’ zones. I use a concealer of bourjois paris to neutralize the red spots. I make sure it’s nicely even by using a brush.

Step 3: To create a nice and even effect, I use a foundation. I recently started using the foundation from Claré Blanc and I’m very satisfied with the result. This foundation also ensures that my face doesn’t start to shine after a while. Remember: less is more! If you use too much, you will see the foundation lying on your face and nobody wants that!

Step 4: I use a bit of black eyeliner under my eyes, but not too much because otherwise I look like a panda. I use NYC’s (new york color) eye pencil.  Step 5: I color my eyebrows so they get a nice shape. This actually takes the most time. For this I use the blonde eyebrow pencil from Essence, because otherwise it looks too dark compared to my hair.

Step 6: Mascara! I’m lucky that I already have reasonably long lashes, but the ‘miss baby roll’ mascara from L’oréal paris makes it even better!Step 7: I use the contouring palette from Maybelline (light-medium) to sharpen my face. I do this because I think I have a pretty round face and this makes it better. Always ensure that you rub it out properly.

Step 8: Lipstick! I go for a subtle pink-skin-colored lipstick from NYX. I just love it.

Et voila: I’m ready to go!