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I’m a woman and I may not know much about cars, but if you ask me which car is my favourite, it’s definitely a Mercedes Benz G-class AMG! After I went to Los Angeles, the desire to have one is even bigger. In LA you see way more G-wagons compared to Belgium. I have seen some nice models at RDBLA and at Platinum motorsport. My all time favourite is the all black AMG model with brabus pack: black body, black wheels, black interior, Chrome and Carbon details! But why in the heck is it so expensive?! It’s certainly a life goal to be able to buy one. You will probably ask yourself: why a G-class? I just love the robustness of this car and it just looks so cool. When I stand next to it, I look so small. I can imagine it must be a funny sight to see me getting out of this giant car! Although it would be a pleasure to drive one!