Today we went home. Las Vegas was a real experience but one week was more than enough. I’m very happy that I’ve seen this beautiful city but I’m also very happy to be back home. Since my last blogpost these were the highlights of the rest of the vacation: we went for some shopping in an outlet village. I’ve bought a new case for my IPhone from Kate Spade, one that fits me just perfect. I’ve also bought a new pair of stiletto’s from Steve Madden and a top from Guess.

Thursday evening we went to the desert to take some cool shots. Thanks to Kevve we have really beautiful pictures. There will be a blogpost about that pretty soon!

Friday we had a chill day. We went visiting “old Vegas”. It’s totally different from the place where we stayed. We’ve seen a lot of weird people to be honest.

In the afternoon I decided to stay at the hotel. It was a really hot day, so I went to the pool. The last day (Saturday) we went to Los Angeles. It was a four hour drive from Las Vegas. Once we were in LA we went to visit the Santa Monica Pier. It was funny to see because many films/series that I used to watch were recorded there.

Later that day we went to visit Griffith Park. At the top you had this beautiful view of Los Angeles.

Unfortunately the day/vacation has ended on a sad note. Lessons were learned and conclusions were made. It’s for that reason I’m really happy to be home. Back to the normal life without all the drama.