Another great day in Vegas

Today was day 3 in Las Vegas! As usual we woke up early (6:00 am) because of the jetlag. We started our day with an extensive breakfast buffet. This time we went to the ‘Mirage’, it’s another hotel on the strip. After the buffet we went for a little shopping trip (I know poor boys). We went to the fashion show mall and we also did some shops in the Palazzo hotel. In the Palazzo was one store which I really wanted to see, the APM Monaco store. It’s a jewellery shop that I’ve know since a couple of years. Three years ago I saw such a beautiful ring on instagram that I had to have. A few months ago I finally bought the ring in their store in Antwerp.

Today I wanted to buy a second ring as a souvenir of Vegas. Unfortunately, they didn’t have my size in the ring I wanted, so I will have to buy it in Belgium.

After our shopping trip we went a few hours to SEMA show (because it doesn’t always have to be shopping). In the evening we met up with some friends who are also in Vegas. We decided to celebrate Halloween! It was so much fun. My boyfriend was dressed as a dinosaur (it was an inflateble suit), everybody was watching and taking pictures of him. It was so funny, I’ve laughed for the entire evening. Sadly I don’t have a photo to show you guys. To conclude our evening, we went to drink a cocktail in our hotel and then went to sleep. It was another great day!