Showtime: Lore Van Keer

Lore Van Keer is a Belgium-based jewellery designer, who has a store in Wolvertem. What makes her jewellery so special is that they are all made with her refined hands. She uses semi-precious gemstones, silver, gold and porcelain. Every year there is a fashion show in Wolvertem, where her brand also participates. For two years in a row I have had the opportunity to be one of her models. It was an honor to walk with her jewels on a catwalk. The first show was in October 2017:

As you can see in the pictures we are wearing simple clothes to make sure that the jewels came out nicely. Our hair was also done in a unique way. It is not something that I would choose (you hardly recognize me), but in the end it was a perfect match! The second show was in march 2018:

Again all black, but this time with a slightly less special hairstyle. After these two shows I received a gift voucher for her store. I went to look at her website and immediately fell in love with a necklace and a bracelet.

It was such a fun experience, another one to remember. Interested to visit her store? Then you have to go to Hoogstraat 9 in Wolvertem (1761)! You can also find her on Facebook (Lore Van Keer Jewellery Design) and Instagram (lorevankeer). Go check it out!