My number one shop

If they would tell me tomorrow that I can only go shopping in one shop for the rest of my life, this would be an easy choice. It will be ‘Bronx’ anyway, without a doubt. It’s a small, cozy shop located in Ninove (Belgium) for both men and women, runned by a super charming lady, Ylva. She will always receive you with a smile on her face for sure. Almost every time I visit her store, I find something that I like (and I have been going for at least 10 years). You can therefore imagine that half of my wardrobe comes from her shop.

Ylva always tries to have new things in her store. She has a lot of different brands like: Fracomina, Rinascimento, Morgan, Amélie&Amléie, Terra di Siena, Toxic,… Bronx also organizes a fashion show twice a year. Everyone is always welcome, but you have to reserve your seat. Ylva is very active on social media, so you can always see which new things are coming into the store. If you check her pages, it may well be that you also come across my face, because thanks to her I got the chance to participate in photoshoots and fashion shows.

These photos were from a photoshoot in december 2016. Is was one of my very first photoshoots (very exciting). The photos have been taken in a cocktail bar in Ninove, the Versato. As you can see in the photos, this was mainly the party collection for Christmas and New Year which is my favourite season of the year as you can dress up to the max.

These photos were taken in the store earlier this year. It were two separate photoshoots: one for the autumn collection and one for the summer collection. As you can see on these pictures, it’s again with the same girl as in 2016. Her name is  Chabelli, a very sweet girl and it was so much fun working with her! I have good memories of these moments. Interested to visit this store? Then you have to go to Beverstraat 4 in 9400 Ninove (Belgium). You can also find Ylva’s store on Facebook (bronx ninove) and Instagram (bronx_fashion9400ninove). Go follow her!