In loving memory

Let me tell you a story about Tosca. My brother, Nicolas has always dreamed of having a cat. On his 13th birthday, my parents decided to buy him a cat. At first they didn’t know which breed they wanted to buy. Until the day my mom saw the advertisement about this beautiful British longhair! My parents immediately fell in love with her when they saw the pictures. Three weeks later my mom and I went to get her. At that moment I was 11 years old. I sat on the backseat with her on my lap. She was (and still was when she was older) so cute! When we arrived home my parents called Nicolas. You should have seen the look on my brother’s face. We decided to name her Tosca, because my parents loved the opera of Puccini. During 15 years she was by our sides. She was always there and was always happy to see us. With pain in our hearts we had to say goodbye to her on 21 September 2018. I think about her every day and I miss her so much. Always in our heart, rest in peace my beautiful Tosca.