Meet my family

I have the best family ever! My parents are so sweet, they would do anything for me. They have been married for 33 years and they still love each other (which is very rare nowadays). My dad is 60 years old and works as a physiotherapist in a hospital. My mom is 58 years old and bears the title of ‘European chain supply manager’ at Pepsi-Lipton Ice Tea. I also have two brothers. They are both older than me: Nicolas is 28 and Alexandre is 29. I’m getting along great with them. Alexandre works for the club med as a bar manager.┬áThat’s why he’s always abroad and I see him very little. We try to visit him as much as possible. This year I didn’t have the opportunity to visit him. BUT fun fact, this weekend he comes home for two weeks! I’m looking forward to it. My other brother, Nicolas, works as a steward for SN airlines. Just like my older brother, he is often abroad. A few months ago he went to live with his girlfriend. So yes indeed… I’m the only one who still lives at home. Honestly? I don’t mind, because I have the coolest parents.